Bluetooth Test Platform (BTP)
Bluetooth Test Platform (BTP)

Bluetooth Test Platform (BTP)

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The Bluetooth Test Platform (BTP) is designed for automating testing of Bluetooth hardware, drivers, and software. The BTP can be used to exercise Bluetooth radios both in the host (PC) and peripherals, and is intended to be an extensible framework.

The BTP is based on the MCCI Model 2411 Traduci board, which provides several 12-pin connectors to communicate with any radio module. The audio radios and breakouts listed here contain radio modules and break out the necessary pins to the required 12-pin layout.

Supported radio hardware boards for BTP testing are listed below. Get them from MCCI store page by clicking the links.

  1. ESP32 Radio Sled
  2. RN42 Radio Sled
  3. RN52 Audio-Capable Radio Sled
  4. Bluefruit Radio Sled

The BTP consists of the Traduci hardware platform combined with supporting software from Microsoft. The BTP hardware platform supports power management and sideband control of peripheral radios connected to it, while the software package includes tests, a firmware package, and a provisioning tool.


Documentation is available on MSDN on how to build adapters to use BTP to test Bluetooth modules, audio modules, and I2C interfaces for compatibility with Windows 10.  See the following links:

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These products are not normally stocked at MCCI and are built to order. Delivery is normally 45 days ARO, but is determined after order is received at MCCI. Contact MCCI via email ( for further assistance and availability of BTP products (ESP32RN42RN52, Bluefruit).

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