Model 2420 MALT (Microsoft Ambient Light Testing) System

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Designed in partnership with Microsoft, the Model 2420 allows you to test the ambient-light performance of video displays on Windows. Assembled and tested, this product connects to a control PC using USB, and generates controlled colors for testing ambient-light sensors in PCs and tablets. The product is open source and Arduino-based. Use it with the Microsoft-supplied test software for closed-loop testing on Windows, or write your own tests.

The product includes:

  • An Arduino-compatible controller
  • A Model 2421 Tester board, mounted to the controller
  • A Model 2422 Sensor board, which mounts on the display under test
  • A Cat-5 Ethernet cable to connect the 2421 to the 2422
  • Power supply and USB cables

Please note: this product is build-to-order. Please contact us for delivery schedule.

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