MCCI LoRaWAN Success Kit (LSK)

MCCI LoRaWAN Success Kit (LSK)

The MCCI® LoRaWAN® Success Kit (LSK) is a preconfigured wireless Internet-of-Things network in a box. It includes:

  • A MultiTech Conduit gateway, configured by MCCI for use with The Things Network;
  • Four LoRaWAN IoT devices with a variety of radios
  • A preconfigured application and dashboard
  • Technical support

The following devices are included:

  • One Microchip LoRa Mote;
  • One MultiTech xDOT node and development board;
  • Two MCCI Catena 4450 LoRaWAN data-acquisition nodes.

The standard LSK is configured for wireless operation on the US 915 MHz band plan. Variants are available for other band plans, either operating wirelessly (where that's permitted by local regulations) or using coaxial cable and attenuators to avoid radiation on impermissible bands.

The key benefit of the LSK is that it provides a complete end-to-end network, combined with MCCI support and training, ensuring that you can focus on learning how to apply LoRaWAN technology to your problem rather than having to learn how to deploy LoRaWAN from scratch.

The LSK can be used as a starter kit for Things Network public networks, or for Things Industries private networks. It also can be used by IoT product developers and research teams as a simple way to jump-start their use of LoRaWAN technology.

$ 2,500.00