Model 3102 Type C Connection Exerciser with DTMF Audio Control

Model 3102 Type C Connection Exerciser with DTMF Audio Control

The MCCI model 3102 Type-C Connection Exerciser with DTMF Audio Control (MUTT ConnEX-C) plugs and unplugs up to 4 USB devices for automated testing of USB Type-C products, with provision for DTMF control. Developed in conjunction with Microsoft, the 3102 is fully compatible with the Microsoft MUTT ConnEx-C, but comes complete with an Arduino and a DTMF shield, assembled and tested as a unit. It also includes a suitable power supply, an audio cable, and a USB control cable.

The 3102 has all the capabilities of the 3101 (see here)  can test hardware that belongs to one of the following categories:

System: Desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, or phones running a SKU of version of the Windows Operating System with an exposed USB Type-C port.

Dock: Any USB Type-C device that exposes more than one port.

Device: Any USB device with a USB Type-C port that can be attached to a system or dock. This category includes traditional USB devices as well as devices that support the accessory and alternate modes as defined in the USB Type-C Specification.

The model 3102 Type-C Connection Exerciser features:

  • Control via DTMF audio (3.5 mm jack) or USB (standard B).
  • Automated USB Type-C interoperability testing.
  • Transparent connection between SUT and DUT when in the connected state.
  • Impedance controlled, low loss USB data path.
  • Uses Pericom PI3DBS12412A in a 12Gbps, 8 to 4 differential channel multiplexer/demultiplexer switch for SuperSpeed signals.
  • Uses Fairchild FSUSB74. 4:1 High-Speed USB Multiplexer/Switch for USB2.0, CC, and SB signals.
  • Uses TI INA226 to measure voltage and current.
  • 10milliohm, 0.5%, series current sense resistor.
  • Handles up to 20V and 5A on VBUS.
  • Uses IXYS CPC1907B SSR to switch VBUS on Type-C connectors.
  • Uses COTO C226S SSR to switch VBUS on USB 2.0 connectors.
  • Powered via Arduino power supply (included).
$ 595.00