The Things Network Success Kit

The Things Network Success Kit

MCCI's The Things Network Success Kit (TSK) is a preconfigured starter kit for The Things Network. It includes:

The following devices are included:

The standard TSK is configured for wireless operation on the US 915 MHz band plan. Variants are available for other band plans.

The key benefit of the TSK is that it provides a known-good starter kit, ensuring that you can focus on learning how to apply The Things Network technology to your problem rather than having to learn how to deploy The Things Network from scratch.

Please note that this product is intended for members of The Things Network, for use in developing community IoT networks. If you are a member of a Things Network Community, MCCI will work with your community to help you succeed. For professional uses, MCCI recommends our LoRaWAN Success Kit, which comes with full technical support and a dedicated Grafana dashboard on a private server.

$ 695.00