USB Compliance High Speed Device Test

USB Compliance High Speed Device Test


USB Product Testing

The USB specification defines certain criteria in order to be put on the USB Integrators List. The Integrators list is a list of products offered by current USB-IF member companies that have met the following criteria:

Electrical Testing - Electrical testing evaluates USB signal quality, inrush current (in all USB devices), and power provider capability (in all hubs and host systems).

Compliance Testing - Compliance testing provides limited configuration testing of inter-faces and behavior. Areas such as compliance with USB Device Framework (Chapter 9), and appropriate power consumption (Suspend, Un-configured, and Configured) are meas-ured.

Compliance Checklists - The checklists are self-disclosure statements of specific areas of product compliance. By checking these items, you indicate that your product design aimed for and (in your estimation) met these requirements.

Demonstrated Operation - For this test, the product is tested with devices that the USB-IF has classified as members of the Gold Tree. The Gold Tree is a qualified group of USB de-vices that have been verified to have no interoperability problems of their own; they have been shown to work in concert with each other while sharing the bus. Thus, they are used as the control group.

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