Abeeway Micro Tracker V3

Abeeway Micro Tracker V3

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Light, handy, powerful, the Abeeway Micro Tracker combines GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, Bluetooth LE (BLE) and LoRaWAN® TDoA technologies for accurate indoor and outdoor geolocation.

With its small size and long battery life, the Micro Tracker is the ideal product for tracking things, people, or pets. The built-in button gives you access to a variety of functions personalized for your needs.


  • Workforce optimization and safety: lone workers monitoring, tracking, zone alerts and SOS panic button alerts on construction sites, mines, oil & gas platforms, factories and other industrial indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Contact back-tracing, proximity detection for people and things
  • Tracking and monitoring of assets, vehicles, machines and equipment
  • Antitheft applications, notification and location trigger when device is moving, at fixed frequency updates or on demand
  • Geofencing applications: alerts when leaving/entering specific areas
  • Personal tracking with help button: employees, elderly, children
  • Personal assets protection: cars, motorbikes, bikes, keychains, luggage, handbags or pets.

Product Highlights

Multiple Operating Modes
  • Motion Tracking: Real-time position when motion is detected
  • Permanent tracking: Regular interval real time position
  • Start/End motion tracking: Receive position messages during motion start and end events
  • Fix on demand: Obtain tracker position when needed (very low power operating mode)
  • Activity tracking: Monitor activity rate with embedded sensors
Geolocation Technologies
  • Multi-constellation GNSS: Precise outdoor position with GPS, Biadu, Glonass or Galileo
  • Low power GPS: Fast Time To First Fix in outdoor and daylight indoor conditions
  • BLE/Wi-Fi: Position in indoor and urban area
Other Features
  • Geofencing zone detection
  • Edge computing for contact tracking, proximity detection, and exposure assessment
  • Light weight: 0.75 oz (21 g)
  • Small: 2.3" x 1.3" x 0.5" (59 mm x 34 mm x 13 mm)
  • User interface: 80 dBa buzzer, bicolor LEDs, multi-mode button
  • Temperature monitoring
  • LoRaWAN Class A radio
  • BLE Communication link with a phone
  • Water-spray resistant enclosure (IP65)
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Semtech SX1261 LoRaWAN modem

Standards and Certifications

  • LoRa Alliance US915
  • Radio regulatory certification: EC, FCC, IC, TELEC

MCCI Additional Services

MCCI has been designing and deploying LoRaWAN technology systems since 2016. Our system engineers can work with you to design a complete solution, assist with deployment, and help you keep the systems running. We can serve as a source of long-term knowledge and expertise, so your internal resources can focus on using the data provided by your remote sensing system.

MCCI also offers provisioning services. With these services, MCCI will pre-configure the Micro Tracker for your use-case and register them with your target network, so the devices are ready to be put to work out of the box.

Contact us for more details, for a quote for pre-configuration, or for system integration assistance.

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