Model 4922 Test Controller Kit
Model 4922 Test Controller Kit

Model 4922 Test Controller Kit

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The MCCI Model 4922 Test Controller Kit is a computer-controlled programmable test adapter that allows fully hands-off control of Texas Instruments evaluation modules ("EVMs") for the Sitara AM243x, AM64xx, and AM62xx chips. Instead of changing physical DIP switches to change boot modes, test automation can directly configure the modules. This lets you set up remote developers and automatic regression tests with access to all the features of the module and avoid physical contact with the TI EVM boards.

The kit comes with an onboard 40-pin FPC Connector and cable to connect with TI EVM boards. The kit comes preloaded with a test control app that helps to configure TI EVM boards via simple USB serial commands to set up the development/test environment.

Supported TI EVMs:

  • SK-AM64B (supporting the starter kit for AM64x processors)
  • TMDS64EVM (supporting the evaluation module for AM64x processors)
  • LP-AM243 (supporting the AM243x general-purpose Launchpad development kit)
  • TMDS243EVM (supporting the evaluation module for AM243x processors)
  • SK-AM62B-P1 (supporting the starter kit for AM62x processors)

Kit Contents:

  1. 1x Model 4922 Controller board
  2. 1x FPC cable
  3. 1x USB Type-C Cable

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