MCCI USB 3.0 Connection Exerciser

MCCI USB 3.0 Connection Exerciser
    • A single button push connects or disconnects your device from the host.
    • Push-button or computer control (Scripting support for Windows, OS X, Linux)
    • Tests low speed, full speed, high speed and SuperSpeed devices and hosts.
    • No drivers required on control PC
    • An impedance controlled, low loss USB data path.
    • The Exerciser is transparent when in the connected state.
      Tired of manually plugging/unplugging USB devices to test or debug driver load/unload problems? Are you wearing out the connectors on your development PC? Is your prototype so fragile that plugging and unplugging risks damaging the unit? Want to run connect/disconnect tests overnight? The MCCI® USB 3.0 Connection Exerciser Model 2101 automatically connects and disconnects a USB 2.0 or 3.0 host and device under push-button or software control. Connections can be single-stepped or repeated. The manual modes are useful for debugging attach/detach scenarios. QA teams find the automatic repeat modes useful for regression tests. Developers find it useful for limiting stress on prototypes, and reducing wear on development PC's connectors and cables. It's an ideal tool for finding and debugging connect or disconnect bugs in host drivers and devices. Simply connect your host and device to the connection exerciser, supply power, and you're ready to test. A single button push will connect or disconnect your device. Select "auto" mode to automatically repeat enumeration testing. Connect USB 3.0 Super Speed devices in high-speed mode to test backwards compatibility. Use a test control computer to automatically vary the test cycle time. Contents: Model 2101 Connection Exerciser, international power supply, USB 3.0 patch cables, USB 2.0 cable for remote control, USB flash drive with manual and application software.
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