Picture of MCCI Eval Kit for LoRaWAN-connected SCD30 CO2 sensor
Graph of data taken with the CO2 Sensor Eval Kit, graphed with Grafana using the open-source docker-iot-dashboard.

Eval kit, CO2 Sensor (SCD30 + Catena 4801 M301)

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Evaluate the performance of the Sensirion SCD30 CO2 (carbon dioxide) sensor with this open-source kit. Collect data and transmit over LPWAN networks such as The Things Network, Helium, Actility, Chirpstack or Sigfox. Present data with the open-source MCCI IoT Dashboard, or with any suitable service that supports JavaScript decoders.

The kit is shipped assembled and tested for the US915 region. Also works in other regions with recompilation of software. For regions using 868 or 865 MHz, an optimized antenna is recommended but not required. (Downloading software or provisioning for a different network requires an ST-LINK emulator and a 3.3V UART; both are included in MCCI's Catena Development Starter Kit.)

SCD30 specifications can be found on the Sensirion website.

The Catena 4801 includes a boost regulator to convert the lower voltage from the 3V Li-MnO2 battery to the 3.3V required by the SCD30. When the system is measuring and transmitting at a 6-minute interval, MCCI observes average system power consumption of 8.3 mA. Most of this is the standby power of the SCD30. Because of the self-calibration algorithm in the SCD30, we don't advise cycling power to the SCD30. The 12 Ah battery we supply will operate the sensor for about two months (measured outdoors in the Ithaca winter).

Recommended battery: PKCELL CR34615 Li-MnO2 3V.

MCCI's open-source library for the SCD30 is on github.

Available pre-provisioned for different networks, regions or technologies by special order. Contact us for information.

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