Managed Infrastructure Gateway for The Things Network

Managed Infrastructure Gateway for The Things Network

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MultiTech MultiConnect® Conduit™ with LoRaWAN™ Gateway card for target region and 3dBi antenna, shipped ready for use with the Things Network. Includes The Things Network Ithaca's mLinux, and remote management for one year via the Ansible management suite (see

Requires DHCP on target network.

Supported regions:

  • US-915: for western hemisphere band plans similar to US.
  • EU-868: European region
  • IN-866: India (price is for delivery in India; contact MCCI for pricing for delivery elsewhere)
  • AS-923-North: northern Asia using the AS-923 bandplan (except Korea and Japan)
  • AU-920: Australia
LoRaWAN is a trademark of the LoRa Alliance. MultiConnect is a registered trademark of Multi-Tech Systems, and Conduit is a trademark of Multi-Tech Systems. MCCI is a trademark of MCCI Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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