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La Crosse® Technology Sensor Weather Shield

La Crosse® Technology Sensor Weather Shield

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    The Sensor Weather Shield (sometimes known as a Stevenson screen) is designed to protect your outdoor sensors from rain and snow. This shield will offer limited protection from the sun's heat, so placing in shade is preferred for many sensor types. However, MCCI has found that in many measurement situations, there is little "greenhouse" heat gain with this enclosure -- the sensor gets hotter in the sun because things are hotter in the sun. MCCI notices about a 5 to 10 degree F temperature elevation compared to a shaded sensor adjacent to the enclosure. Of course, every situation is different, so you must use judgement when putting sensors in a location with direct sunlight using this enclosure.

      Sensor shield only, sensor is not included.

      Mounting to a flat surface

      • Twist the cover clockwise to remove the base.
      • Place one long screw through the center hole of the base.
      • Tighten until the head of the screw is flat with the base.
      • Do not overtighten.

      Mounting to a wall or post

      •  Slide the mounting bracket down and remove from the cover.
      • Take note of the UP ARROW on the back of the bracket.
      • Find a shaded location and attach the bracket (arrow UP) with the four screws (included), or with the two zip ties (included).
      • Note: Allow room to slide cover onto bracket.
      • Slide the shield down onto the bracket.

      Insert a sensor for protection from the elements

      • Twist the cover clockwise to remove the base.
      • Attach the Velcro tape to the sensor and to the upright on the base. This keeps the sensor from tipping.
      • Alternately, secure the sensor with a zip tie.
      • With a probe sensor, be sure the probe wire fits through the round hole in the base.
      • Place cover over sensor and base. Twist counter clockwise to lock into place. Sensor must fit entirely in the sensor shield to be protected.
      • Mount the sensor shield so that the sensor is in range of the display.
      See photos of MCCI Model 4831 for examples of how to mount sensor. A Feather-size board plus a 2xAAA battery case will fit well.


      • 7.00" x 3.73" x 3.98"

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