Salvator XS Device Testing Kit

Salvator XS Device Testing Kit

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This kit includes the items needed for reliable testing of boards like the Renesas Salvator XS, which supports USB 3.2 gen1 device operation but do not include a standard USB device connector.

In the kit:

  • Reference USB 3.0 STD-B receptacle to USB 3.0 STD-A plug adapter (qty 1).
  • USB 3.2 gen1 hub with 1 upstream STD-A plug captive cable and 4 downstream STD-A receptacles (qty 1)
  • High quality short low-loss USB 3 STD-A plug to STD-B plug cables (qty 2).

Use the reference receptacle to convert the connector on the board under test to a USB device.

Use one cable to connect to a downward-facing port.

Use the hub (if needed) to improve signal quality by re-driving the USB 2 and USB signals.

Use a USB analyzer (not included), and use the additional short cable to connect to your host under test.

Use an USB switch (like the MCCI Model 2101), and use the extra cable to connect to the host under test.

All components were selected and specified by MCCI Engineering to minimize signal loss, so you can focus on your development problems, not on cable or hardware setup problems.

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